I am Katlyn Beach and known as a DIY fanatic, style seeker and a bit of a foodie.  I have strong southern roots thanks to my wonderful family and am a beach girl by blood. My heart was even stolen by Mr. Beach who is now husband! My husband, Bryce and I currently live in my hometown Sarasota, Florida. I always say I grew up in Florida but was raised in Richmond, Virginia. I studied Fashion Merchandising at Virginia Commonwealth University.

You can always find me with an iced coffee, sweet tea, and cupcakes. I am obsessed with my family, french bulldogs, my girl Joanna Gaines, anything white marble, blush and gold, and homes with character and charm (the older the better!) Just a typical southern girl, right y’all?! I am always on the hunt for finding the latest trends, styles and best of all, deals. If I can’t find it, I create it! In my spare time, I run Magnolia + Beach Design Co. through Etsy. 
I seek to leave my mark on the world each and every day. You will see my love and passion come out in my designs and content. I hope you find this blog and my creations to be a joy and worth reading. I love to share everything from products I am currently using and deals I am finding. I am very passionate about home decor + style and seek to share current trends, finds and DIY projects. I always love to seek inspiration from throughout and I hope my blend of style + decor finds are something that can help you out. Thank you for following along on this new journey of my life!

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