My Spring Ulta Beauty Haul

Jan 10, 2018

This weekend I headed over to my local ULTA BEAUTY. Now, ladies, I do have to admit I am an Ulta girl over Sephora. I find that I get better deals at Ulta plus I love that I can get a wide range of "drugstore products," hair products, spa products and the hardest area to resist, the impulse section. Ladies, you know what I am talking about- the small travel size products that just happen to be placed right near check out. Well, I am a huge sucker for that section! But honestly, I find that is a great way to try new products especially for someone like myself who is a bit sensitive to new skin care products. Anyway, let me get to the best part of this post which is sharing what I recently got! Some items are my must-haves and some items are new products that I really wanted to try. I will link all the items and leave an honest review for y'all. At the end of this post, I included a free gift offer and another great offer for you towards your next purchase.
 Enjoy xo.


Mario Badescu: Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile, Lavender 

I am a big fan of Mario Badescu and have been for years! If we are friends then you have heard me rave about the drying lotion for those stubborn or pop up blemishes. If you follow along with me on social media then you would have watched my skincare routine where I use not one but two different versions of the facial spray (Rose Water & Cucumber.) When the Lavender facial spray hit the market I knew I wanted to give it a go. I picked up the smaller size (2 oz.) to try and also keep in my purse. Overall I do really like this spray and think it will be my on-the-go spray which I keep tucked away in my purse and use when I just need a refresh. I plan to stick to my other two sprays for my normal skincare routine. I guess you could say I am obsessed?! You can find this size in the impulse section at check out at your local store!

Formula 10.0.6: Get Your Glow On Skin Brightening Peel Mask, Papaya + Citrus

Y'all! This stuff is amazingggg. No seriously, it's so great. This was a skin mask I randomly found and said why not? I felt super reassured when the sweet cashier told me how awesome the mask was. It's a great deal for only $6.99 and this brand offers so many different kinds including mud masks, cooling masks and illuminating masks with all different kinds of scents. At first, when I was applying the product I thought it was super sticky and it actually scared me off a bit because I thought it would be very uncomfortable to peel off after the 15 minutes was up. Once the mask was on I could feel the tingly sensation from the citrus. The consistency of the mask reminded of the wax they use on your eyebrows. The time on my timer finally went up and I reluctantly started to peel off the mask. I was so surprised it did not hurt at all. It was awesome. There was no pain, it peeled off very easily and the best part was my face felt so refreshed and glowed after!


Garnier: Skin Active BB Cream

This is another must-have item for me. I have super sensitive skin and find a lot of foundations and creams damage my skin. Over the years I have struggled with adult acne and this product is something that changed my life forever. I can't ever moisturize because I will break out. The BB cream serves not only as a moisturizer but a foundation for myself. This product also has SPF in it which helps because I am in the Florida sun! This can go on for a light simple look or be built up to give a full coverage. The best part? It is super inexpensive and easy to find! I go with the oily/dry skin combo in the light/medium shade.

Tarte Cosmetics: Shape Tape, Make Magic Happen pallet, Lip Sculptor

Shape Tape

I really love using Shape Tape for both my concealer and my highlighter. I find the coverage is great, it isn't too expensive and it doesn't bother my skin which is a big bonus. Tarte has a huge following on the Shape Tape so they recently came out with Shape Tape Foundation. I personally have not tried the foundation because I worry it may break me out. I have heard great reviews so maybe down the road I will give it a try and give y'all a review!

Lip Sculptor

This was an impulse purchase for me and I already am obsessed. It is a two for one as it is both lipstick and a gloss. I got the shade Sass which is a mauve shade. There are 16 shades to this line and the price point isn't bad especially because you are getting two lip products in one. I like to start with the lipstick first and add a light layer of gloss.

Make Magic Happen Pallet

This was another impulse buy and I am super excited to find all these shades in one. I don't change out my eyeshadows often and I try to get shades similar to these. Overall I like this pallet, the shadows are very clay like and go on easy. I wore the shadow yesterday and did not have any issue with it coming off throughout the day. There are 9 shades to choose from and you honestly can pair them all up very well together. 

Currently, with a purchase of over $35.00 on TARTE products you receive this free tote. I wanted to photograph it with the products so y'all could honestly see how large the tote is! Also, this tote isn't like your typical grocery tote. It's a real canvas tote bag. I love the quality and am super pumped to put all my goodies in it and head to the beach! This offer ends 3/10/18. Tarte is also offering BOGO on their actual site.

Well y'all, that's it! Not a bad day at Ulta. I got tons of reward points, got to try new products and received an awesome free gift. I also spent under $100 which is a great deal for these 6 products. I can't stress how much I love taking a trip to Ulta. The staff is always great, the stores are always clean and the deals are always just right.

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