Transitioning Your Favorite Fall Pieces Into Spring: GIVEAWAY of a free watch with Jord Watches

Feb 14, 2018

We all have those pieces we want to wear year round. It doesn't matter if you wear all black, have a coastal style or want to be decked out in sweats + comfys. It happens to the best of us ladies- we sit there trying to transition our closet from season to season and you get the overwhelming feeling of remorse and guilt for having to put away some of your favorite pieces. I recently changed my closet over because let's face it, I live in Florida and it gets hot, quick! I decided to keep a certain amount of fall pieces that would blend well with several outfits and be able to be paired with lighter options once I mixed and matched. I have been a big fan of leopard ever since the 90s, yeah the 90s! My mom had these huge, oversized pillows that were leopard and I always wanted to steal them and have them in my room. It only felt right to pull a few leopard pieces over to spring as I know I can wear them with an oversized white tee and some boyfriend jeans.

Well y'all TARGET did it again! These bad boys were $24.99. When I saw these I immediately put them on my wish list. I left the store, got on my instagram feed and one of my favorite bloggers posted that she just got the mules. I turned right back in, found my size and the rest is history. These are very true to size. I do find myself between a 7 + 7.5 so I do wish I snagged the 7.5 but I am already finding mine are wearing in and feeling a little better. Leopard print aside, these are wonderful because they are a mix of an espadrille + mule. I love how mules just slide on and are easy for on the go. Mules also have a huge following right now thanks to luxury brands such as Gucci. Because these are espadrilles, they offer a ton of comfort and support. I have worn mine with ripped jeans and even shorts.  And y'all let me tell you the compliments are endless. Hurry quick as I know stores are sold out and online is running out of sizes. Click the name above to directly go to link to purchase.

Oversized Floppy Wool Hats

Spring tends to bring on some wind just like Fall. Having a hat handy is a must especially if you are trying to tame a lot of hair like myself. Oversized hats like the floppy hat above is a great way to get a stylish look on the go, help manage hair and even helps protect you from the sun. I purchased this particular floppy hat years ago during a shopping trip to MARSHALLS with my grandma. She was too cute and wanted to steal it from me after I purchased it. Because Marshalls is a place where you need to typically go in to shop and because this was purchased a few years ago, I searched around for some great styles and prices. Below are links that will help you find the perfect floppy hat that you can keep out year long!

This perfect scarf is currently sold out but do yourself a favor and add it to your wish list so you can grab it in the future. Because this scarf is popular they do restock it. I purchased this piece at the Nordstrom Sale last August and it cost me near to nothing! It is oversized, the print is great and it is lightweight + sheer which makes it perfect for both Spring and Fall. Because this piece is currently sold out I will link a few of my current favorite scarfs that are steals from Nordstrom right now.

Favorite Scarf Deals at Nordstrom

This is the bralette of all bralettes. If you follow along with other bloggers then you have seen this piece all over Instagram, Pinterest, etc. This piece is an investment as it is a bit pricey for a bralette but honestly, it is worth it. It gives enough coverage to pop with an oversized tee. Currently it comes in 9 colors. I decided to get white + black as staple pieces and am currently swooning over the color Lemon (it's on my wish list!) I got a size XS and the piece has four adjustments so you can play around with how tight or loose you would like it.

I was super excited to get this Jord watch in. I work with wood a lot for my signs so it was awesome to find a company that makes handmade wooden watches. The quality of this watch is beyond amazing and the detail is even better. They even engraved the back of the watch with my company name! Compared to other watch lines, this watch is priced fairly reasonable. They offer a large number of styles and are available for both men + women.

 I partnered with Jord and am doing a $100 Jord Watch GIVEAWAY! 
The giveaway ends on 2/25 and for everyone who enters you will automatically receive 10% off an order with Jord Watches. You can find the giveaway link below. 

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